Greenproject4 is a real think tank in which professionals with great experience in the Green field have converged. Our goal is to create transformative policies for a Green and Prosperous Planet.

"Relaunch DECREE"

A Team of Professionals and Companies able to provide the necessary support for the drafting of applications for access to the funds made available by the government with the D.L. 34/2020 "Relaunch Decree"


National Recovery and Resilience Plan, is a package of reforms and investments, which is part of the Next Generation EU (NGEU) program, agreed by the European Union, in response to the pandemic and economic crisis of recent years. The PNRR Italia is part of the Recovery Plan, together with the National Complementary Fund (PNC) and the European fund REACT-EU. It can boast an investment budget of 248 billion euros, destined to change the face of our country over the next six years. It's up to us to meet your needs we are ready, and you?

"Green Building"

As a new frontier in the construction sector, green building represents a concrete response to the urgent need to design and build in full respect of the ecosystem that surrounds us. And it is precisely a sustainable design model that uses new generation construction techniques that is the common thread of the 11 creations that we will discover today. A forward-looking green method adopted with the aim of significantly lowering the negative impact of buildings on the environment thanks to the recovery and reuse of abandoned material, but also with the aim of achieving almost total energy self-sufficiency and high performance by exploiting renewable sources . Inside them, living comfort is in force, promoted by impeccable thermal and acoustic insulation, by the reduction of consumption and by the healthiness of each domestic environment. Finally, to top it all off is a careful modern design that qualifies the properties to make them particularly pleasing to the eye as well as eco-friendly.

Energy From Renewable Sources

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