In collaboration with Zen Progetti Sostenibili Srl we have created and are proposing a project to improve the cultural heritage of the country with the aim of recovering, enhancing and safeguarding the identity and value of Italian historical places.

It is with enormous pride that we communicate the accreditation of Roberto Tuccillo to the Chamber of Deputies as Interests Representative


We are Proud to Announce Collaboration with Franklin P. Boyd Engineering Firm of San Francisco CA 

Vision, Mission &  Green Strategies♻️

The PNRR Italy, or the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, is a package of reforms and investments, which is part of the Next Generation EU (NGEU) program, agreed by the European Union, in response to the pandemic and economic crisis of these years. The PNRR Italia is part of the Recovery Plan, together with the National Complementary Fund (PNC) and the European fund REACT-EU. It can boast an investment budget of 248 billion euros, destined to change the face of our country over the next six years.

Superbonus 90% Extension to 2023

 The extension to 2023 of the 90% super bonus is here. In the draft of the decree on ecological transition, or Cingolani, in fact, in addition to the extension, important innovations are introduced concerning the eco-bonus 110, from the extension of the measure to hotels and pensions up to more elastic rules for its application, also with amnesty construction in progress, or a definition of thermal insulation

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